One Ala Eno

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One Ala Eno Cover

I wanted to create new ambient electronic music outside the post rock style of my band, Monroe Strongback, and Brian Eno's work came to mind. This album dedicates itself to those early ambient masterpieces by Mr. Eno but does so with, I hope, my own originality. I had the benefit (debatable) of digital tools at my fingertips but I strove to use the concept of looping as central to the process. This album became a broader journey of discovery: ambient voices, electromagnetic waves, rhythms, and a blend of piano and guitar parts. The goal was not to recreate Mr. Eno's early ambient pieces, but to capture a bit of their musical spirit in a modern personal context. Oh, and, yes, all references to John Lennon's Revolution #9 (in Enospheric #9) are intentional.


released August 26, 2016
Cover photo by Tod Seelie
Cover design by James Protano

written and produced by Bruce F. Singer
Mastered by Dave McNamara

Sample Track